Building a Physical GoPro Trigger for Motorcycling


Ever since I started using my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition on motorycle rides I found the capture button somewhat limiting and unreliable. It can be a little tricky to fully press the button on the camera or the WiFi remote while wearing leather gloves and at high speed.

Other times it can be difficult to quickly determine if the GoPro is capturing or not. The WiFi remote makes things easier but it's still not easy to feel the weather-resistant button through gloves. I also like to try different mounting spots with suction cup which means I can't always physically reach for it.

I decided to experiment with the WiFi remote and see if I could extend a set of jumper leads out to a physical switch. I figured I could live without the accessory switch in my main controls for flashing the highbeam and repurpose it for something a little more fun.

Soldiering leads onto the circuit board of the GoPro WiFi remote

Modifying the GoPro WiFi remote is definitely not for everyone. This took a little patience and quite a few tools to pull off.

Putting the remote body back together
Soldiering a quick-disconnect pigtail onto the physical switch
Finished product

I've tested the finished product on multiple rides and couldn't be happier. It allows me to be more efficient with the GoPro's limited battery life by capturing with much better precision and reliability.