Getting started with a home automation setup can be a daunting but it’s getting easier. The products are becoming more affordable and user-friendly with each iteration. In my opinion, lighting is a great place to start because the barrier to entry is low and offers the most noticeable difference in daily living.

There are many tools available for testing web performance, but none provide the level of detail and insights that can be learned from what has to offer.

The latest mesh network technology and hardware are finally making WiFi feel like less of a compromise over traditional hardwired LANs. There are quite a few hardware options from brands large and small, each with their own strengths and weakness.

A few simple ideas about how to have meaningful code reviews on your development team.

Verifying CORS headers on a web asset is fairly easy but I find the cURL syntax to be difficult to remember at times. Here I'll show you how to create a simple bash function so you can easily debug CORS headers on any resource.

Soon after falling head over heals for Sketch 3 I created a Symbol library for Font Awesome 4.4.0. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

There's no denying how much fun a GoPro can be when riding a motorcycle. However, when used outside of the a "dashcam" context, I soon discovered it's not so easy to start/stop recording wearing leather gloves and reaching for a tiny button at speed. I'm happy to share my DIY solution to this problem by creating a physical trigger attached to the motorcycle's bars.

For the past few years I've been geo-caching my favorite motorcycle rides with the Motion-X GPS for iOS. It's a great app with tons of features and functionality but it was only solving part of my problem. What I really want is the ability to load my pre-planned or saved routes with turn by turn navigation and voice guidance. Then I stumbled upon Mapkin, a new player in the navigation app space for iOS.

About 40 miles North of the USA/Mexico border is a tiny little town called Julian. I can't remember the last time I was down there, so I decided to change up my normal weekend canyon carving routine and head South.

To my surprise, my Leap Motion arrived a few days early. I noticed some Tweets from others experiencing the same thing—it's always fun getting new toys!

If you're looking for a media streaming device, you might consider the WD TV Live. I've compared this contender against some of the more popular alternatives currently on the market.